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I'll always choose a well-crafted, traditional chocolate over an imaginative recipe that fails to achieve a perfect blend of ingredients.
I hope you get as much pleasure out of tasting my chocolates as I do preparing them!

About Our Chocolats


You might say my discovery of chocolate was a patent case of love at first sight, although I’d be hard-pressed to say exactly why. My passion was born during a conference/demonstration that was held as part of the Forum on Chocolate. And so at age 20, I decided to devote myself to the subject full time. I spent all my leisure hours poring through every book about chocolate I could find in bookstores and libraries. I also began to purchase various materials and, little by little, my kitchen was converted into a workshop.
I eventually found a job at a small catering comapny, where I took my first training course. In the months that followed, I managed to scrounge up enough money to take follow-up courses in Portugal (among other places) with master chocolatiers who shared my passion and taught me the tricks of the trade.

My chocolates are made with the best products on the market, be it the chocolate itself or the ingredients I use in combination with it.

For my ganaches, I use chocolate with 63 to 75% cacao content produced by some of the best chocolatiers in Europe, including Amedei, Domori, Valrhona and Cacao Barry.

The idea behind all my recipes is to enhance each flavour by combining it with the appropriate chocolate. Thus, Indian tea blends harmoniously with Amedei Toscano 63% and Valrhona Cherry Guanaja.

The vanilla, cinnamon, teas and candied fruit used in my recipes are all chosen for their superior quality.

The fact that my chocolates sometimes have an innovative or daring quality about them has nothing to do with the desire to be original. What’s important is the pleasure of discovering new combinations and harmonies.

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